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i have been with a man 4 7 yrs and last yr walked out on me and the kids not once but 2 times and hes came back both times and the first time he lefted he was gone 4 3 months and the 2nd time 2-2 1/2 months and come 2 find out there were so many diff. women he had done while spilt up and he was lieing 2 me and said at first there wasnt nobody and when a friend told me some things that she had heard i went to him and asked him about what i heard and he said there lieing i have a lot of people who dont like me so there going to make us fight well he was lieing he really did do these chicks and i belive still might be seeing 1 or more still but i cant prove it just a heart felt feeling i have he still cheating
posted by melissa (age 29) on 8/29/2009 @10:26:34 PM •
Get this liar out of your life. A zebra nevers changes its'stripes because it is camoflouge in the wild. This "man" is a cheat, liar and doesn't give a rat's behind what happens to you or your children. He is for himself-only!
Everybody is lying except him...that's like saying everybody marching is outta step but him. C'mon wake up and smell the coffee. Dig yourself before you are by yourself.
Kick him to the curb and say good bye to all your self doubt and gather yourself. Take care of YOU and your children. Some other "Mama" can take care of this man child.
posted by Lu on 9/2/2009

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