relationship advice (post new situation)
my boyfriend wants to keep our relationship a secret and I dont. What should I do
posted by Clarice (age 12) on 9/1/2009 @1:30:11 PM •
You are twelve and your worry is your silence.
I would tell my sisters, parents and anyone else you can talk to including and starting with him.
I would blab to the world and let him figure out why.
His down low position speaks volumnes about his "way of life". He doesn't want you to talk...don't walk-- run away from this controlling idiot. The more you do what he wants the less you do for yourself. You don't start out a relationship with lying to people. First lie, then keep lying and then continue to lie until you don't know what is going on with him or you. Remember: YOU are always first!
posted by Lu on 9/2/2009

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