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"getting over ex bf!!!"
me n my boyfriend have been together for goin on 6 months. HIs parents like me, my parents like him. Everything is just so perfect. He makes me as happy as i have ever been. The one thing that has been on my mind is im still in love with my ex. I lost my virginity to my ex when i was 15. He got me pregnant and we went thru alot but i had a miscarriage 9weeks into my pregnancy. After my miscarriage we slowly drifted apart. He know has a girlfriend who is 9 months pregnant. It just kills me inside to even think about him because i feel that i should be in her place. I plan to be going far with my new boyfriend so i want a way to really get over my ex. Is there really anything i can do to get over him and move on with my new boyfriend?
posted by whity (age 16) on 9/1/2009 @4:26:03 PM •
Try and bring you & Your new boyfriend more close and find out new things to like about him, think of you ex as a friend and be happy for him & his new gf
posted by Holly on 9/6/2009
Write a letter you will never send. Write down WHY you drifted apart, write down how you felt. Keep the feeling of departure from your ex. It will make you stronger when you look back. You have a new boyfriend and you don't know where that is going..You can't move on or up if you keep looking back. Let it go. You will benefit the most by simply admitting it is over.
posted by Lu on 9/15/2009

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