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"still feelin' for the abusive ex??!"
my ex got me pregnant when i was 15 yrs old. i didnt tell him for a while because i knew he would b mad. he was actually 18 at the time n if people found out then he would be in so much trouble. But i loved him. i finally got up the nerve and i told him that i was a month and a half pregnant. He was pissed. He stopped calling me and texting me. At school he totally ignored me. All i could think of to do was cry my heart out. a week later he finally started calling me a little bit more at a time. after school we would wait for the bus together. We would stand a little far away from his friends. He yelled at me and told me he wanted me to get rid of it because he didnt want my family to giv him a case in court. i told him there was no way in hell i would get rid of my baby. As i turned to walk away he grabbed me by the arm and socked me in the stomach twice. I sat on the floor and held my stomach crying all night until my mom came to pick me up. That night as i was taking a bath i started beeding, in chuncks. then there was a big chunck. I had just had a miscarriage on july 2 2008. i was only 2 months pregnant. my ex kept calling saying he was sorry for hitting me. i just ignored him. id say it was about a month later that i finally went to up to him and told him that he had no more worries and that he wasnt going to b a father. He just thought it would b funny to mock me and say that he would have been there for me and our baby and jokingly call me a murderer. that i killed his baby, im an abortionist..wen in reality i am totally against abortions.
honestly, its been about 2 years since we been together and even tho he hurt me so much... i still feel for him...any ideas how to get over him???
posted by kat (age 17) on 9/1/2009 @4:52:56 PM •
Look in the mirror and tell yourself you deserve better than this. Look at the pain, both emotionally and physically he caused.
"Get rid of it" was never real to him. YOU carried the baby, YOU lost the baby and cried and cried all night. Isn't it better for you to feel love, respect and caring then to be beaten, called names and disgraced?
LOOK IN THE MIRROR...YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN ABUSE! YOU DESERVE LOVE...SO START LOVING YOURSELF. Your life has just begun...don't let him drag you down to his level. Look for love from yourself, first-don't worry about this "wanna be" boy.
posted by Lu on 9/2/2009

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