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"After The Fact"
I dated a girl for 2 years and I broke up with her because I didn't trust her. She later confeced she not only cheated on me once but 10 times. I'm not hurt over her I was in love with her but never again will I EVER give her another chance. Months went by things are looking up I have a new girlfriend who's been through this stuff as well. She Cindy is the best I could ask for. But Mariah the girl who cheated on me 10 times is begging fo rme back and won't stay out of my life. What can I do to discourage her behaviors? I blocked her calls I blocked her form myspace and yahoo. She won't leave me alone. Please help!
posted by Simone (age 17) on 9/8/2009 @4:31:01 PM •
you have to let mariah know that you want nothing to do with her and that no matter what she tries, it will not work. tell her that she had her chance and ruined it, and you will never trust her and don't want people like her in your life. it's too late. it sounds like she wants every guy and doesn't like that you don't want her back. you are going to have to make it VERY clear that you want NOTHING to do with her now or ever. girls like her won't give up easily, trust me...
posted by z on 9/11/2009

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