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"my guy"
i have been seeing this guy for like 2 months he doesnt want to commit! figures! well the first few weeks didnt go good i would get drunk and fight with him every time he wouldnt talk to me for a few days cand came back, another weekend i was talking to a guy when he walked in and again a few days didnt talk then came back and the next weekend i was drinking and fell 2 times on the dance floor again didnt talk a few days then we talk again! so i cut down on my drinking things are going better we spend every weekend together but when we are apart he dont text as much! he will text when i text him sometimes he will text first! help is he scared, confused wants out HELP
posted by Connie (age 34) on 9/9/2009 @3:11:51 PM •
he sounds like a typical that does what he wants and expects you to crawl back. stop being the one who communicates first and see what he does. he might realize that he wants to be with you or that he's better off not. if you don't stop running after him, you'll never find out if he wants in a relationship with you.
posted by sara on 9/11/2009
Two months does not a relationship make! In 60 days, you've gotten drunk, fell dancing and you are worried about him. I am worried about you. Put your heels firmly in the ground and don't budge. Don't call him, text him or send a postcard. Let him decide if he wants to be with you. Otherwise, kick him to the top of the garbage bin, he might not be what you think he is..
posted by Lu on 9/15/2009

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