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ok i am a freshmen in high school and i havent dated in along time. there are a few girls that i like and i am not sure if they like me back. then there are a few girls that like me but i don't really like them in that way they are just friends. how can i get the girls i like to like me and possiblt date me???
posted by john on 1/7/2008 @12:53:24 AM •
man if there's one piece of advice i wish somebody would have given me about girls when i was in high school, it'd be this: if you want to date somebody, it can be done. nobody is out of your league, and you can't even think like that. attracting girls has more to do with confidence (and a good personality, of course) than anything else. and i don't mean arrogance - i mean confidence, in who you are. it may sound cheesy, but it's true... as far as getting those girls interested, just be yourself and go for it. just ask. the worst you can get is a "nah, no thanks." and even then - you can just give it some time and try again. don't worry about it, just roll with it.
posted by jason on 1/7/2008
I agree. I'm still in High school, and what I like most in a guy is honesty, a guy who isn't afraid to be himself, will stand up for a girl, whether he likes her or not, and is just nice.

I'm dating the guy I sat next to in Social Studies because I used to talk to him about what was going on with me, my parents (they struggled to understand each other at one point) and he listened. I always sat with Grade 12s, so when they left for the year, he realized I would have no one to sit with and so he sat with me, we eventually confessed we liked each other.

Just ask, mate. It's a lot harder for a girl to ask, so just ask. There've been a few times I"ve been dying for a certain guy to ask me but he never did, I knew he liked me, but he didn't ask me, eventually the feelings subsided.

:) Take a chance, mate. Good luck. :)
posted by Cassie-annabel on 1/10/2008

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