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4 days after losing my virginity i started spotting. I'm having stomach pains, I haven't really had an appetite, and at times I feel nautious. Could I be pregnant? We used protection.
posted by Concerned on 9/12/2009 @7:34:04 PM •
Before your panic takes away your thinking...Find Out!
I am ten months younger than my sister. Protection isn't preventive. Go to a nursing facility or Planned Parenthood and find out the facts.
posted by Lu on 9/15/2009
No. You wouldn't have have symptoms that early. It takes at least 2 weeks. It's prob just nerves. The same exact thing happened to me when i lost my virginity. I freaked. But my friend's mom was a nurse and explained some things to me.
posted by Elisabeth (age 20) on 9/17/2009

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