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i am in a relationship for 3 years now with a married guy, we love each other so much and since we are both muslim we are planning to get married after i get my divorce with my daughter's father. my problem now is we had a fight and he refused to talk to me for 4 days now. i was trying to call him several times a day but is not answering. this is not the first time happened, when we fight it will take 1 week for him to talk to me which i cannot tolerate. everyday im trying to please him. and by the time we will talk everything is okey. should i talk to him about his behavior or should i understand him?
posted by ggirl (age 30) on 9/13/2009 @4:51:43 PM •
If hes doing this now then imagine what hed do if you two got into a fight while you two are married how long would he go without contacting you then, i'd definatly talk to him about his behavior.
posted by miranda on 10/20/2009

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