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i am in a relationship for 3 years now with a married guy, we love each other so much and since we are both muslim we are planning to get married after i get my divorce with my daughter's father. my problem now is we had a fight and he refused to talk to me for 4 days now. i was trying to call him several times a day but is not answering. this is not the first time happened, when we fight it will take 1 week for him to talk to me which i cannot tolerate. everyday im trying to please him. and by the time we will talk everything is okey. should i talk to him about his behavior or should i understand him?
posted by ggirl (age 30) on 9/13/2009 @4:52:00 PM •
I'd give him some space. Fighting can be very difficult for anyone. He's probably doing this because he's afraid of what might happen if he's overwelmed with the fighting.
posted by Simone (age 17) on 9/14/2009

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