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So I am dating an amazing girl. I can't help it but when she leaves my house I cry. I don't know why I'm guessing it's because of a girl way before her. Cassie the girl before her I was in love with. Cassie left I was fine when she did but a few days later Cassie broke my heart. She cheated on me with a guy (I'm a girl) and then denied the fact that her and I were dating. I was hurt so badly. The only thing I can figure out why I cry when my girlfriend leaves is the fact that I'm scared. I'm scared that she won't come back that'll she'll hurt me like Cassie did. Is there any way I can stop crying out of fear that she might be like Cassie? I trust my girlfriend I just can't help that I'm scared.
posted by Simona (age 17) on 9/14/2009 @8:18:53 AM •
Try not to transfer your insecurity onto another lover. Cassie broke your heart. The End. Yesterday's you have a new love..enjoy the relationship and put your fears about Cassie to rest, once and forever.
No body is hurting over this but YOU...You deserve to be happy.
posted by Lu on 9/15/2009

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