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I am 18 years old,i just graduated highschool.i am now expecting a baby this winter and i have been with the same guy for two years now and he is my world and i dont know what i would do without him but he lets his parents control his life and he dont let me have an opinion on anything.his parents want him to join the military and i think hes gonna join.what do i say to him so he will listen to me and my advice?
posted by Kimberly (age 18) on 9/14/2009 @11:34:32 PM •
Say nothing. Get a dna test, make sure he supports his child and move on and up in your life. Having a baby at such a tender age is a commitment you are dealing with...not him. His parents don't control him, he contols him and perhaps joining the military will make him realize there are a ton of things he wants to do, perhaps seeing his child will be his first priority.
posted by Lu on 9/15/2009

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