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"wen my bfs mom walked in on us"
omg so my bf and i of 6 months were having sex at his house things were goin good then his mom walked in! i was so embarrassed i just started crying. she said she was ok with it as long as were being safe. but y am i so embarrassed to be around her now?? i feel like she hates me because we were so close b4 this happened. any ideashow i can stop having awkward,embarrassed feelings wen im around her
posted by whitey (age 16) on 9/15/2009 @6:36:50 PM •
You just woman up and tell her how you have been feeling. If you were close with her you should be able to talk to her about it. If you feel like you can, tell some stories to get the mood lighter and take the pressure off. If you're protecting yourself and being responsible, and are aware and prepared for any risks, then your mature enough for sex. And if you can handle sex, then i'm sure you can handle your boyfriend's mother.
posted by Elisabeth (age 20) on 9/17/2009

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