relationship advice (post new situation)
I guess I have friends from my past joining me on facebook and all of them ignore my how are you or call me lets chat. I feel like everyone forgot the past and I just keep thinking about it and love to reminisce is there something wrong with feeling empty like no one cares about you and the past holds no real meaning for everyone. Is everyone just so wrapped up in there own bull**** they have no regard for anothers. For instance I had a friend named Terri we were very close almost first friend when I went to La Canada and she came out for my wedding and well we had a blast and all the girls night out got crazy. I guess she confessed she cheated on her husband and I guess it leaked out through an email. I have her on facebook and she just never says boo to me its as if she wants to add me on as a friend to create her massive friend base but she just ignores my comments on her art and everything. I just feel so depressed and so lonely and I just feel like crying because I just miss California and I cherish my friends dearly. Am I being overly emotional./???
posted by Cindyi on 9/16/2009 @2:08:28 AM •
well im not really know how to advice...but it's sounds funny & weird cuz they ignore u on fb???
i guess maybe they dun know how to use fb....that's why they din reply
posted by je (age 19) on 9/16/2009

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