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"benefit office have lost our claim forms"
I have been unemployed since November and my partner and I put in a claim form for job seekers allowance first in Redruth I need help and money to help me in the job I have found and will not get anything for a month. What can I do. The benefit office asked for an interview but cicumstances prevented me from going. Please can you help I am now living in Hove but will be moving to Croydon where my partner has a good job as Duty Manager in a pub.I need money for deposit for a furnished accommodation and also I owe rent where I am staying. I dont get paid for another three weeks..my gran advised me to come to you.
posted by Pamela Devereux on 1/8/2008 @12:07:11 AM •
i'm sorry about you situation! sounds like there's really nothing to do but wait. now is the time when people close to you will need to pitch in and help you out. maybe you could babysit or something that is not permanent until you can find a new job.
posted by jennifer on 1/11/2008

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