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I'm a newlywed, and lately I've been stressed like you wouldn't believe. Right now my husband and I are living with his parents because we can't afford our own place. This living situation, with me not working and satying at home all day, is really hitting me hard. Its making me feel like a child, rather than a married woman. We have rules and chores and all kinds of stuff that his parents enforce on me. I need the help and motivation to get out of this rut that it's putting me in. How do I help myself, and how do I go about getting out of this situation? I have this depression cloud hanging over my head and I've got to get rid of it.
posted by elisabeth (age 20) on 9/17/2009 @11:04:39 PM •
My guess is his parents are being a little harder on you guys so that you'll have some push to move elsewhere. They probably didn't invision their son marrying, then not moving usually doesn't work like that. Have you tried to get a job? That would do two things - you wouldn't have time to be bored and you guys would then have more money, allowing you to move out sooner. Also, maybe you should think about going to school...if you're going to be home and bored anyways, you might as well acheive something. I don't mean to be too harsh, but I will never understand why people get married so early, then feel sorry for themselves because they got married so early...
posted by Jayme (age 24) on 9/22/2009

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