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"16 preggy girl"
So i 16 and I lost my virgty 2 my bf that is 19 i found out i pregnant 2 days ago but i ain tell him yet he told me that if got pregnant he would bee there but I woul not get preggy cuz he pulled out but now I am and he ain got no job so i got no money for my baby and he says he wants to date other people last week the day after we did it and now im scared and can't tell him and he wasnt a virgn
posted by adrienne (age 16) on 9/17/2009 @11:27:02 PM •
well, it sounds like it's too late to think about the past. instead, you need to focus on the future. if you aren't able to raise the baby, there are sooo many people out there who cannot have kids and would love nothing more than to give yours a wonderful life. i hope you think long and hard about what's best for you and the baby.
posted by amber (age 23) on 9/21/2009

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