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so i've decided i want to be a pharmacist. currently i'm taking classes as a community college to get my prerequitistes out the way before i can apply to pharmacy school. I am 25 i live at home with my mom and her husband. i've been living here for about two years, before i was at college completing my bacheolors degree in sociology. i am very unhappy living at home and want to be on my own again but i dont make enough money to pay rent, a car payment, other bills, and buy food and such. i want to move out of state and go to college and get an apartment with my best friend who lives out of state. but i also want to get my masters degree in health administration while i'm taking my prerequities. i have so many things that i want to do floating through my head and it seems like everyday i choose something else. i'm trying to stay focus but my mind seems to be bogged down with these options. what should i do? stay living at home, miserable because i want to be on my own and finish completing my courses. move out of state and get an apartment with my best friend and go to school there although it will be expensive because i'll have to pay out of state fees yet i'll be happy and content because i'll be living on my own. or stay out here, pursue my masters degree while concurrently taking prereqs. out here in my current state.
posted by julie (age 25) on 9/20/2009 @12:34:12 AM •
if i were you, i would stay in the state you are currently in. that doesn't mean, however, that you have to continue to live with your mom and her husband. out-of-state tuition is so so much more expensive, and it sounds like you are on the right track - taking classes at a less expensive community college and living at home. maybe you could focus all of your energy on school and work, instead of being miserable because you are still at home. refocus your attention on how awesome it will be once you graduate. also, it's completely normal to change your mind about major life's scary to have to pick one career and stick with it for so long. good luck!
posted by m on 9/21/2009
thank you! that advice really lifted my spirits =-)
posted by julie (age 25) on 9/21/2009

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