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"Betrayed by family . . . risk it again?"
My cousin and her husband have had a rocky marriage. They decided to separate for awhile to try and work on things. She needed a place to stay and none of our other family would help her. So she stayed with my family and then returned 3 months later to her husband to basically work out what they are going to do with their young child. Their separation didn't work. She wants a divorce and then to move back with us until she can get on her feet. We just found out though that she kissed another man she knew while she was here. Now we feel like we were used and like we in a way enabled her to have an emotional affair and the start of a physical affair with another man. We're not sure if we should bring her back into our home. We love her but I don't think I want to be part of helping someone get a divorce under these circumstances. From the very beginning we wanted to be able to look at her husband and say we did the best we could to help the both of them get their marriage straightened out. Now she does this and we're confused. Am I wrong? Is it now when she needs the most help from us? Our family from the beginning said not to take her in during the separation because we might enable her to do something like this and they were right. I can forgive, but it's hard to forget. Should we let her back in while she's getting a divorce?
posted by Jerod on 9/22/2009 @12:53:03 PM •
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