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I have a boyfriend who i been with since 07 well he came out of prison he was in there for 4 years. well he started using heroin snorting was his choice well ok i deal with him being on drugs left him plenty of times dealt with alot of things he put me trhough he went back to jail for 6 months and came out clean well he has not done it. i can tell the diff hes more awake his there and knows whats around him before he wouldnt even recognize who i was. Well noW he acts like everything i do is wrong me hanging out with my friends me talking to certain people i work 2 jobs and go to college he doesnt go to work sometimes and goes and does whatever he wants and always has an excuse to why he did what he did. Im just tired of worrying bout were hes at and what hes doing when i have so many things to worry about i really wish he could understand how i feel but he says that life isnt always pretty for no one and that people have to go trhough bumps to get were we want to be ok. Im 22 years old i work 2 jobs and go to college i think thats alot im dealing with and him making me feel like less and starts putting me down that im this and that calls me out my name but he always knows were im at what im doing after a while of hearing him say nasty words to me i start believing it my self and i shouldnt i believe everything im doing im keeping my self focused and have goals in life. I just dunno what to do i try to leave him but within that same week i fail and run back to him i really would like for him to get up on his feet get a job and be supportive of what im doing. He disapeared yesterday and came back with a dumb excuse that i didnt believe anymore. Then he acted crazy when i told him that i didnt wanna be with him no more said that fine not only am i gonna miss him but his family is to since he has ntohing to live for. just somoene hear me out
posted by Drained (age 22) on 9/24/2009 @11:11:04 AM •
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