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"back to school"
well im gona start my class at my college this monday. its kinda exciting cuz back to school rite? hmmmm...problem is that i dont like one of my friend, but at class she's the closest to me, i never want to be close to her, cuz i treat every friend the same which ( not very close), but she always getin close to me. im not talking about lesbian thing cuz she had a bf already ok! problem is that i don't like the way she act. well maybe bc our status not very same. imean her family backgorund are not same w/ mine. her dad died when she was 12, & they live very poor. but now she's fine already. at class she always borrow my phone to call her mum & frenz, actually she din call very long but she just borrow too much ! she think im rich but im not. i don't like it ! seriously i don't like it ! when the lecturer giving lecture, she'll ask me that ask me this about the lecture. she even think im smart ! im not ! ! ! don't think im smart just bc i had a good grades better than her...o m g ! ! ! that's the kind of feel i feel when back to school....have to c her again ! ! ! someone please say smthg!!!!!i don't want to feel like that....urrghghh
posted by je (age 19) on 9/26/2009 @11:23:38 AM •
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