relationship advice (post new situation)
ok well the guy i love, just started smoking like a week ago, and when i found out my heart dropped. it hurt me a lot i got angry at him, because i dont want him doing that i truly care about him, what should i do? i dont want that in a guy.. help me please
posted by ruby on 9/27/2009 @12:21:06 PM •
I think you should talk to him about it and ask him if he is willing to quit doing it in order for the relationship to endure. You should advice him and listen to what he has to say. Maybe he has other problems that are making him chose that habit.
posted by Francis (age 17) on 9/30/2009
Ask him why did he start smoking den continue giving him advice and pushing him...Or you should just tell him straight in a face if he still doesnt give up smoking...You said that u dont want that in a guy. If he doesnt Listen to you den hes not worthy
posted by Jonathan (age 12) on 10/1/2009

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