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"i dont know what to do"
I posted my problem 2 weeks ago and i thank you for d 1 person who gave me an advice. I have d same problem now, its been 3 weeks now when me and my boyfriend had a fight and i've been calling him and sending him messages several times a day but i receive no reply from him. I am trying to please him and even i begged him to answer my call. Im really confused now and i dont know what to do anymore. Should I consider that what is between us is over now? or I should be patient and give him some time? Sometimes I feel neglected and not cared of because of what he is doing, but we are in this relationship for more than 3 years now. I don't want to spoil this and how I wish to spend my whole life with him. Please I need an advice.
posted by confused on 9/27/2009 @1:33:28 PM •
Sometimes people need time and i really dont think you should call him or begg him im not sure of your situation but i believe you should give him time and if its meant to be he will come back around sometimes men tend to act up when they know that their loved one will beg and call and get you when he wants.. i advice you to give him time and just go and distract your self
posted by Karina (age 22) on 10/2/2009
i think this guy really doesnt care about you and the time you have been together. if a guy was serious with the 3 years you guys had, he would know that 3 weeks of not communicating with you is too long. no matter what problms you guys have, it is important to talk about it so that no one is guessing or assuming about anything. clarity is important.
posted by Nikki on 10/10/2009

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