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"Dramatic Best Friend"
I've been in my relationship with my boyfriend for about two months. Everything is great between us and we get along fine. My problem is with his best friend. His best friend "Tony" has a complex about women that there all cheaters, and in so many words only good for sex. To me it seems like he's determine to prove that there are no good women in the world including me. He has called me all kinds of names, and has even gone as far as asking me out to see if i would "take the bait" to prove that im cheating. All of the drama cause them to fight and stop being friends. Although recently they become friends again. "Tony" swears that he's just trying to have my boyfriends back, but he takes it to far. I've never been unfaithful to my boyfriend and never give him reason to believe that i will be, but "tony" is driving me crazy! Idk what to do?
posted by Tiffany (age 21) on 9/29/2009 @12:22:07 PM •
I have a same porblem but difrent situation.....At the others section... Okay so from what i have known my sis ter has the same kind of expierince like you...
So if your bf doesnt know what Mr Extra(Tony) is doing,just tell that to him..Or you could challenge Mr Extra and say that not all woman are bad so stop trying to FREAKING PROVE THAT WE ARE WRONG!
Or how about you try an eye for and eye an tic for a tac..You say that the whole worlds worst guy is Tony and you should tell him infront of your bf or mabey not that you are all out to prove that hes just jealous of your bf,bored or even has nothing to do and is wearing a mask with a smile on his face..If he does smile often you should ask him if that smile on his face was real?
If he has a soul he would start thinking if he doesnt and he still continues...You should just Sue him or report him before things get out of hand.
posted by Jonathan (age 12) on 10/1/2009

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