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i really,really,really like a guy (and i think he likes me 2) but the issue is went out my 2 best friends and broke their hearts.What do i do
posted by koko on 1/8/2008 @10:39:07 PM •
I would ask your friends what he was like, what bad things there were about him. Just learn their side of the story, find out if the relationship is one that you most definitely do not want to get into. If everything checks out ok, and if your friends are ok with it, perhaps give it ago, but be aware that he has broken your friends hearts, so something might be up. Maybe he's just playing around, going for who they are because of social status. Trust me there are some guys that are like that.

Make sure you like him for all the right reasons.

Hope it helps. Good luck.
posted by Cassie-annabel on 1/10/2008
i dont think you should go out with him because your two bestfriends went out with him and he broke their hearts. Even if they say dont care about its still going to be conflict between you guys.So remember friends are forever and boys are whenever.
posted by courtney on 1/10/2008

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