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"Once Friends, Always Enemies"
He was the first boy I met in my first day of high school. Until then, we became very close friends that other people would even mistaken us for being couples. He became the mayor of our class and I was very proud of him at first. He is very girlish and tends to surround himself with girly girls rather than me.I know we've been fighting for the past few days, but now we forgave each other...but still, He always acts so confident around all the other girls but when I try to make a contact, he always avoids me. What should I do??? Of course, I have always tried to back bite him, many other girls do. Because they say, that they hate his attitude...blah blah blah. And you know what, I find it true sometimes, but still I feel bad for him, and at the same time feel like he deserve it.

What should I do to straighten things out?
posted by JiNgaYR on 10/9/2009 @6:41:25 AM •
Actually, iff I were in your shoes I would ignore him. But it's not a suggestion.


I think you should try talking to him and if he tries to walk out say it out loud so he cant escape "Hey, I need something to tell you."

If he says he's busy tell him "You would even listen? I thought were friends but I guess it's just a joke right?" U Walk out .

(Sometimes this works, make them feel guilty).

Best way:

Just pray for the better with all your heart. God listens, he might even give you a privillage to let you tell him everything. And if he does open up the gate for you to tell him then dont hesitate. Tell him even if it hurts because only true friends tell the truth. If he wouldn't listen it's fine, as long as you know you told him. Then pray again and you'll feel better.
posted by Emi (age 17) on 10/18/2009

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