life advice (post new situation)
"new school - new kid"
I moved and now i'm in a new school, I've been there for more then a month, left all my friends behind. I sit alone at lunch everyday. I never sat alone before and to be honest it kinda bothers me. I try to make friends but the school is so small and everyone there is so dull. My grades suck, I'm failing every class, I have no future in life. All my friends back at home are telling me on how they won awards, high sat scores, and are advancing and getting scholarships - I'm happy for them but I'm jealous too. And I'm just sitting here and nothing is coming out of my life. I feel like I'm gunna have a miserable future. I have no future. My parents keep saying I'm not gunna go anywhere in life and their right. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared I'm not gunna have a future. I just need advice on to how I can turn my life around?
posted by shan on 10/9/2009 @6:48:01 PM •
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