relationship advice (post new situation)
"i really like him"
i really llike this guy from my school but one of my friends likes him too and she already gave him a kiss in the cheek i really like him but she took one step further and now she wants to mack with him but he dont want to mack with her because he "doesn't like he" but i think he does i need help to decide if i shoould leave him to my friend or try to get with him??? and if i should geet with him wat would be the first step??? HELP ME PLZ i feel like if i cant live without him so i really need advice :(
posted by kiara on 10/9/2009 @8:47:59 PM •

I had experience the same situation back then. I love my friend so much that I let him go. A guy is not worth of our friendship to be honest. Though, that guy was my first love. I love my friend and I would chose her rather than any guy. (This is just a recall to myself.)

Anyway my advice:

I think you should first observe and try to see if the guy really likes her as well. Have you ever told your friend that you like him too? Maybe it would lessen the pain inside. Tell her that she is your friend that's why you told her. ask her if she really likes the guy or maybe love.

But tell me, what do you feel about the giy? do you like him? or did it turn into love?
posted by Emi (age 17) on 10/18/2009

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