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"my mom/parents are extremely touchy"
My mom thinks everyone hates her and that we all team up against her just because when we think she's wrong we don't say anything. My brother does cause her a lot of pain by the things he says and does but none of the girls really do anything bad and everyone knows what great kid's we are. We get up immediatly in the morning go do bible study do chores and do school but we're always going to do something wrong like not take enough notes or not get enough school done or seem less than extatic when we have to do the dishes. I don't really get in trouble usually unless my brother been doing some dumb thing but I wish she'd just not lecture me over and over about not being delightfully on her side all the time! I get sooooooooooo many lectures daily! It makes things hard to get done when my mom has gone and got herself stressed out about something else and has to vent AGAIN and I or someone else like my dad have to listen to it! I swear I've only talked back to my mom once and that was when I was probably about 8 and I needed some boots and I kept reminding my mom about it and she kept saying that she's look in the basement for some but never did. When I saw that she had got some new high heels I told her that I had been needing snow boots so I could go play outside and that she didn't need another pair of high heels. And I got sent to the room I then shared with four other brothers and sisters. It's not that I hate my parents. I really do love them and at least they don't abuse us but I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by MJ (age 14) on 10/10/2009 @1:14:59 PM •

I guess all you have to do is feel indepenedent yourself. What I mean is. Tell her you love her but sometimes she just needs to listen. Tell her how you feel. Things change but you must learn to tell her how you feel. Maybe you can do this during dinner time when you eat altogether. Show her how much you love her and somewhat put yourself in her position. Act like her (but dont mock her). give her a hug or something. Then say Mom, "I do love you but sometimes you have to listen. You know that we always listen to you so please now, just listen to what we have to say."
posted by Emi (age 17) on 10/18/2009

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