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"Oops, I forgot"
I am 31 and have never had a GF. In my 20s I would get depressed about it but later I stopped caring and forgot about it and life was OK. But then one day I was at the pub with "mates" and I was asked to "share" tales of sexual experiences. As you can expect, I was completely useless at getting out of it without revealing how inexperienced and embarrassed I am. Naturally, I dropped several points on the respect scale with these guys (this is probably the idea). So, I'm wondering if, out of all those hordes of other losers out there like me, anyone has come up with good lie/line or way of bluffing your way out of such situations. It really is nobody's business but just saying so wouldn't fool a 10 year old. Thank you.
posted by Dummy (age 31) on 10/17/2009 @11:06:26 AM •
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