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I am the youngest among my siblings. They're all married now. I am the only one studying now and in college. I'm 17 years old but I know I can already take care of myself.

Now, on to my problem.

God gave us life to experience being free, right?
And I know they love me that's why tthey are all being protective, but the point is how can I learn anything if they dont let go?! I mean I'm not a kid anymore! I'm in college for heaven sake! I tried talking to them about this and somehow I work but then it happened again(I guess they kept forgetting). I tried reminding them but they wont listen! How can I ever feel independent if my life is being chained?

I'm doing the best that I can in my studies so why wont they understand me?! Now, I'm afraid to tell them anything. You know, the only thing that kept getting in my head is run away. Save mony and run away. I know it's wrong but there's no choice if they wont even listen to me. Tell me what to do. I need advice. I just dont know what to do anymore.
posted by Ren (age 17) on 10/18/2009 @2:16:51 AM •
Dude, don't run away. You might put your family through a really difficult situation which will not be forgotten. Instead why don't you just wait a little. Things might change. Trust me it is around your age(17, 18, 19) when things start to take shape. Why don't you try getting a dorm at your college through some kind of assistance program, or find a nice university far away with a career you like and move. In the end you have done things right and no one will resent you or judge you. I know you are not guilty of anything.
posted by Joe (age 25) on 11/19/2009

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