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"mistake at work"
dear sir/madam..on the morning of the 8-1-08 approximately 5.45am i went into a service station to fill up with fuel for a timed delivery in stockport.Due to other matters on my mind and the size of the vehicle shadowed the pump colours.I know its still my mistake and wont go into my reasons i accept its my fault.it is my only mistake in approximately 2 years.I drove around 25 miles and i pulled over and couldnt start again,thats when i realised what i had done.after arrangements the boss informed me later he will expect me to pay at least half of the cost which could be around 800...i thought this would be covered on insurance.i know for a fact that due to payment methods the company have not paid me fully over a long period,i found out later and just drawn a line under it,they say the system as been sorted,i accepted their mistake,.do i have to pay this?what are my rights?if i have to pay it do i have the rights to all paperwork etc?,being its a work expense can i claim tax from it?I only come out with around 800 a month,can he take what he likes out of my wage?thank you for your time,its nice you are there for us....take care..m.vann
posted by malcolm vann on 1/9/2008 @3:34:14 AM •
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