relationship advice (post new situation)
"He is 27, jobless,lives at home,no drive"
My Boyfriend of almost 8 months is 27, has not worked in 4 years, has never gotten his drivers license, and lives with his 2 sisters and his mother. I ask him why he decided not to work after he lost his job 4 years ago, he tells me if he can't have the job he wants why do anything at all?...So I ask him why does he not go to school so he can do something he loves to do, he says he does not want to be in debt and does not know what he wants to do with his life, and that school is not for him.

I ask him why he never got his drivers license he said he never had a need to drive and he was scared about passing the test and is not confident with parrell parking.

He does want a life of his own, a job and money and happiness...but he wont do anything to get it started, not even apply for a job or go take his driving test.

I put everything into the relationship, my money, my time I drive an hour to see him and spend time with him on my free weekends, the relationship is very onesided.

I love him so much and is everything I want but he is not a stable choice for me and I don't know how to inspire him I have tried all I can think of...
said get your life together or im leaving, he actually told me to leave.
Ive been supportive and patient, does nothing

Please help me I feel so lost
posted by Ashleigh (age 25) on 10/19/2009 @9:20:57 PM •
Its not right at all for him to tell you to leave after you put so much time and effort into it, and it seems that he hasnt put any effort in, and why waste your time with a person that just doesnt wanna help or even attempt to get a drivers license. im sure you can do better, find a guy that will come see you for a change, or is able to buy you things. It just sounds like you dont need this guy at all
posted by Miranda on 10/20/2009

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