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Me and my ex boyfriend who is 20) has always kept in touch in some way ever since we broke up, and now he has a girlfriend that lies about being pregnate all the time, is very very abusive to him and arpparently is preg now 5 months and 18 and so one night me and him was texting and i was saying how me and my boyfriend now was going through something and i sorta liked someone else, and aprently my ex took it as he thought i liked him and I do not like him at all. and he said to me I honestly still have feelings for you, and he sent me a pic of his body (chest and stomach) and i was like well my boyfriend is coming over in about ten mins so we can work things out, and my ex said to choose between my current boyfriend or him, and i said me and him are ok now, and two days later this girl (which i soon figured out it was his girlfriend that he talks smack about) texted me. and the next day my friend was over and she called trying to cuss me out and sara took the phone before i could say anything and went off on her, and two days later me my friend sara and her friend all stayed at her friends boyfriends house, and she called and said meet me tomorrow at the park so she could fight me and the next day i didnt go but about 40 people went to defend me my friend sARa and her friend and they only brought 4 poeple, lol and she didnt do nothing, and so she texted me sayin i was a lil **** and scared to show up, and i was like uhh no come meet me right now and see what happens and on her way over to meet me she called my boyfriend sayin if her baby didnt make it she was gonna kill me, and she was like but you cant touch my stomach ur friends agreed to that, i was like if i see you imma go straight for it, and she ended up not showing up and then trying to start more ****. later that night she got my moms cell number askin my momma if she was gonna fight and my mom was like sorry i got work tomorrow, and then that girl eventually went to jail for assault, and she hgot her friends to text me now and my ex and **** are all trying to start stuff and im not even texting them back anymore cause they are all trashy, and now (about a week later) is trying to text me and was like i need to talk to you this is important, should i see what he wants?
or should i just ignore him???
posted by confused (age 15) on 10/20/2009 @4:22:33 AM •
i would just ignore him. and not to be weird or anything... but i think i'd want to change my number. you don't need that kind of drama in your life. you want a normal life with no fighting and no lies.
posted by jon on 10/21/2009

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