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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost two months now, and im constantly with him, he knows everything. and i love him soo much and earlier this afternoon he purposed and all i called say was "what?!" and im only fifteen and hes 17. and we wouldnt get married anytime soon, like it would be ve about four years. and lately this old friend of mine, hes always liked me, hes 20 and thats the reason why we never dated or anything, and hes really sweet and funny and understanding like he says im his closeist friend, and like my boyfriend was like youve been spending alot of time with him, and my boyfriend didnt like how i was hanging out with a bunch of my friends' friends ( i was him and a bunch of 20 year old dudes) a few days ago my boyfriend said i trust you i just dont trust them, and thats the first time ive ever hung out of met those guys, but the old friend of mine juss got back in touch with eatch other juss the other day, so i couldnt have spent alot of time wiht him cause i was with my boyfriend

i dont understand at all, is my boyfrined jealous of my friend? Does he not trust me? does he want me to stop talking to him? or what,
posted by miranda (age 15) on 10/20/2009 @4:45:44 AM •
I met my ex husband when I was 16 and he was 21 and we ended up getting married and divorcing after 8 years of being together...fact is you want different thing at 15-20 and then what u want changes around 25, my suggestion is to not get engaged until your older...take it slow
posted by Ashleigh (age 25) on 10/20/2009

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