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"moving away from son"
I moved in with my son about a year ago he now is unemployed since i have been here i have paid all of the bills, ALL the bills,,,i found a house about 2 miles away from him the place is PERFECT for me should i move away from him and be happy and worried or stay and be misserable "? ps my son is 38
posted by Brinda (age 55) on 10/20/2009 @9:54:48 PM •
You have sacrificed alot to take care of him and now its your turn to seek happiness. Let your son know that you love him and are thinking about moving. Ask him what his plans are if you move. Ask him for REAL plans dont let him guilt you into thinking that if you move he will have nothing. If your son has hands and feet, he can find a job doing something. Ask him to write down some goals and pursue those goals. Without goals there is nowhere to go but "moms house".
posted by flower on 11/3/2009

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