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I finally met the love of my life. We met last year and it was just beautiful. Already in the beginning of our relationship it was kind of clear, that she wanted to leave the country and work abroad to follow her dreams. I didn't want to stand in her way and supported her and promised her to follow.
Throughout the first half year she was just upper sad and I tried to give my best in continuing supporting her and giving her hope. Now the year ends and it seems she can continue prsuing her dream, as they might offer her an extension. Me myself I haven't managed to get a job near her and am stuck at where I am. It's going good for me here though and thinking of the long run, being the head of family my carreer matters too. I still don't want to be seperated anymore and I know she doesn't want either.
Should I ask her to give up on her carreer? Should I give up mine and just go where she is? I'm really afraid of loosing her and I want to do the right thing for us.
posted by Fred on 10/23/2009 @9:41:34 AM •
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