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Hi :) I need advice regarding an online relationship. I am 28 year-old woman involved with a 44 year old man online. We met online and were just friends for 5-6 months before we decided to try for more (age stopped us for a while before we concluded that we loved each other despite that rationality LOL). We have been chatting and are now using webcams. We have been past the friendship barrier for five months come tomorrow and we have not met. He lives almost 10 hours away. I am really ready to meet him ( i was months ago) but he says he is ready but ,to me, doesn't seem like he is in any rush. I was trying not to pressure him too much because we talk of him buying a house down here (he is retired) and the next step of marriage. We can talk for hours and spend all of our spare time together watching movies and we really are best friends.
However I am starting to feel like he is having an excuse for not coming down to meet me. He finally said around Sept. but then his brother visited so then it had to be Oct. Well , now it has to be after Halloween because he HAS to give out candy. (I wanted to spend time with him for Halloween)
So Now it is going to be the in the Beginning of Nov. before he can come down. So what I am afraid is that there will be something that comes up and he will not be able to come see me because then it will be to close to Thanksgiving.
I don't know if he is now comfortable and doesn't feel the need to meet or is in no rush. But I don't feel like 5 months is a rush to me. I feel like I have been patient and understanding. I have tried talking to him about it but ,to him , this is stuff that he has to do. Well, I am afraid that pushing our relationship to the next level will always not be a priority. He says the things I won't to hear (treats me verbally like gold) but I am afraid that he isn't understanding that I want to meet. Am I being too pushy? Someone please give honest advice. Since he is my best friend I cannot get unbiased advice from him LOL Thanks :)
posted by wondering (age 28) on 10/23/2009 @11:47:12 AM •
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