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I sent the wrong text message to the wrong person it said "Babe you really wore me out" it was meant to go to my girlfriend and instead it went to my dad. FML! I told my dad when he said "I'm not babe" I then checked my texts and saw I sent it to him. I then texted back what do you mean? he txted back you sent me a message that I believe was meant for Rachel not me saying something like you really wore me out. I then thought fast writing him back saying my friend Sam was texting my friend Dan she must of saw only the Da in my dads name and thought it was Dan. FML! I'm scared to go home!
posted by Michelle (age 17) on 10/29/2009 @5:23:32 PM •
Hunny first off I would jus be honest and if it comes up jus tell him dad im 17 and im going to do what I feel im ready to do. Honesty always works out better then when you lie and try to hide things. If you are really worried about going home then maybe u need to rethink ur living situation and think about getting immancipated. But honesty is truely the best way to handle it
posted by Kelly (age 19) on 10/31/2009

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