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"Dating Cousin Husband"
Ok i really need advice on this Let me start off im 22 and i consider myslef a nice person and caring for others i respect my family and helpful. Now every year my dad rents the basemant downstairs usually to my uncle hes from mexico and he works every year hes contracted by the company so last year my cousins husband came with him NOW i dont talk to my cousin she lives in mexico i live in the us and we never communicate or anything shes just there, so I knew they were married and not by church just through civil,She does have a kid with him anyway So we talked all the time but i NEVER saw him in any other way just friends and so did he, and ive never had a serious relationship with anyone its just hard for me to trust guys and give my heart to them, so time went by and we were just great friends i trusted him and he trusted me we both have great sense of humor, like the 6th month we started flirting with eachother and we knew it was wrong but we couldnt help it it just happened! we kissed and ended up having sex, at first it was guilty and i felt bad but i didnt want this to happen it just did, and i feel that i love him because ive never felt this toward anyone its sincere and pure i feel so great around him, So i dont know what to do?? Help
posted by Daisy (age 22) on 10/29/2009 @6:04:01 PM •
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