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"teenage son"
Just found out my 14 year old boy had sex with a girl. The girl doesn't know if she is pregnant yet. I am terribly hurt by my son not telling me the truth. I found out by the girls mother. After a million talk about sex and how kids seem to grow so fast now a days, and how important is for him to think about his studies and not to get caught in a situation like this. It seems that my words disappear in the air. I don't know how to act towards him. When I found out I yelled, I let him know how dissapointed I was, he was crying, I was crying. At the end we hug and he said he was sorry, I told him to go upstairs and go to bed but I am stuck, where do I go, what do I say to him tomorrow, I know we just have to wait to see if the girl is pregnant or not... but what about me and my son, what do I say to him, I am confused, do I keep going on about this?... Please advice, I am completely heart broken and my mind is completely blank. He is in bed now and I am still here in tear not knowing how am I going to act tomorrow.
posted by Elizabeth (age 45) on 11/2/2009 @9:25:21 PM •
Elizabeth, you are really out of control. With your behavior you are turning your sun to be sexually incapable. What does his father say about this? I believe that you should be closer to his father or any other man from your family environment before you brake your son's heart. Believe it or not today to have sex at the age of 14 is quite normal. Good luck, Alex
posted by Alex (age 42) on 11/6/2009

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