relationship advice (post new situation)
"what is he doing?"
I moved in with a guy friend of mine who Iv known for over a year. I didnt have a place to live and I have a baby girl so he offered me his spare room. I accepted and he brought up , well asked me is there a chance of us getting together?...when I was pregnant he said he couldnt accept me in a commitment because i was pregnant, I wanted to be more than friends. Anyway this time around he said he has a change of heart after he met my daughter he fell in love with her so he said he wants to see where this gos...right...well Iv been living with him for 2 months now and im super confused!!!
he said lets take it real slow start out as friends..right..well he hasnt really shown me hes that into me...when he gets home from work he gos on his computer..just seems he always stays busy and we dont really spend one on one time together much..
but at the same time we sleep in the same bed and cuddle..we havnt had sex or been physical but sometimes when im laying next to him he touches my butt and stuff like confused because wev seemed to skip a step..i expect him to commit to me first and hug and kiss before he touches me in that way. he says he doesnt want to ruin anything so that is why we dont have sex but i know he wants to and he has respected me but i just dont understand why he hasnt asked me to be his girlfriend yet and kiss me! He says this is all new to him and he is still adjusting from his bad breakup but he knows me!
last night i shouldnt have done this but i went through his phone and this girl texts him all the time they have met but he says hes not attracted to her and its not that way. i was reading her comments and she asked him if he was happy and he didnt answer that question. shes saying things to him like " i know you love her daughter but you shouldnt settle" things like that what he thinks?
im just confused because he seems unhappy but i know im not the reason i have always been good to him and respected him. does he just need more time or is he really unsure about me?
posted by karalyn (age 22) on 11/5/2009 @9:43:57 AM •
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