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my mother died in a plane crash several years ago, and i was awarded about 170,000.00. I was incarcerated at the time, and i named my father (father and mother have been divorced since i was 13) as the executor on my behalf. well my father tells me after i come home that i dont have any money becsause he used it to put in his house and business. His business was financial strapped and he was building a new house. ( i know strange huh), and he thought he would have my money back in the bank before i came home. well his business went bankrupt and i have opened my own. so he works for me and bosses me and makes demands as if he is the boss, and wants me to pay all this money to him. Pay for his personal chapter 13 payments, pay his utlities, and give hime 1000.00 a month and he recieves 1500.00 a month in SS and 215.00 in other monies. so he gets about 3200.00 in bills paid by me, plus 2700.00 in free cash between his paycheck and retirement and ss. Im being ****ed huh? and this man makes my life hell, calls me 20 times a day, keeps running my business projects over budget, and we argue all the time. what would you do in this situation.
posted by steve (age 36) on 11/6/2009 @11:52:18 PM •
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