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im having a birthday party soon, and my braces are also coming off soon, and next ortho appt. i want to ask them specificly when im gettin em off. i want my party to be after they come off, problem is, were moving around the same time that all this is happening.
posted by me on 12/15/2007 @8:31:57 PM •
Well.. you shouldnt wait for your braces to come off.. im sure you've have other parties w/o them.
so i think you shouldnt worry, just let everything fall in place.. any questions or need more adivice email me at:
whats2plus2jello~AT~**** or
posted by Jamie on 12/15/2007
i had braces on a few years ago too. i know it's really exciting to get them off, but i'm sure you will have a great time at your party with or without them. if you're ready to get your braces off anyways, i'm sure your teeth already look great. don't worry! have your party before you move and things get too crazy.
posted by haylee on 12/15/2007
you should not worry braces are the new thing!!!
posted by lisa on 12/17/2007

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