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"Very Confused!!"
Well this is my story....I was four months prego when I decided to leave my boyfriend (my baby's daddy). At that time, my baby's father was really into drugs so I decided to leave him due to the fact that I didn't want my baby around that type of environment and ofcourse my family didnt approve of him I moved back home which was out of state at that struggling and working graveyard shift and doing everything possible to have food and diapers for my baby at that time...I meet this wonderful man with a family of his this time my son was 1 year old....we talked and dated and later decided to move in together...he's the one that's been there all these years for my son which now he's 8 years old...but recently about 2 years ago my son decided to call my fiance "daddy" which in the begining my fiance was kinda skeptical beacause he's daughter would get very jealous and till now she hates my son with all her to make long story babys daddy wants to come back into my sons life and try and make up for the lost years and to top it off...he wants for us to be a family again....I have to admit...I realized I have always loved him....and my son's in the stage where now he's asking more questions about who is hes real dad...What am I suppose to say? ex has done a dramatic change in his life....and im going crazy....In a way I feel that my son deserves the love of he's real father...I know the love that my fiance gives my son is not the same of if he were the real father...till now I've never heard my fiance say to my son "I Love You" and it hurts me because Im the only one that tells my son, ofcourse...he spoke to his biological father only once thru the phone and at the end of the conversation his father told him I love you and your always on my he turns around, he's looking at me with watery eyes and tells me with this smile..."mommy I have butterflies in my stomach"...Jesus Christ!...I just burst out in tears trying to fight them back...but the look in my sons eyes were amazing...My fiance and I are suppose to get married sometime next year and yes..till death do us apart!...and dont know what to do....if anyone out there reading my story...please i urge you to give me some advice....very cunfuse! and exhausted as well!!
posted by Stacey (age 29) on 11/11/2009 @1:00:50 AM •
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