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Ok, i been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we lived together for most of the four years, i recenlty found out i was pregnant, we have been trying for a while and it finally happened. We Got in an argument over something really STUPID. I called him a jerk, when we always played around and called each other jerks in the past. but the night of the arguement he was really being one. So after i said your a jerk, he got really mad and wouldnt talk to me at all. Now when ever we have an argument thats his way of being mad, by ignorning me. So i got mad and blew up. He got even more upset, and kept sayin dont talk to me, leave me alone, he slept on the couch for the past two days. Wont talk to me and said some really hurtful things to me, like i dont love you and i dont want to be with anyone right now. I just dont understand why he is putting me thru all this when he knows im pregnant, i been trying to talk to him but nothing. i finally decided spent the weekend with my mom,and give him space. Im just so confused and hurt.
posted by a on 11/13/2009 @4:57:04 PM •
Well A, welcome to having a baby world, it's going to get worse because you're pregnant...some people eat a lot...but you and your man is going thru mood swing, and as you get further into our pregnancy you both will get along again...don't take it personnal about his actions.

Good luck to you
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/2/2009

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