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We agreed to let my father-in-law(87yrs. old) live with us rent free until a low-rent apt. was available. He came with $3,000 and after 7 months he gave us $6,0000.,he has S.S. and a small trust fund (on one occasion he wanted us to keep 2,000. then as time went on he said keep 4,000 , then it was- "if anything happens to me -keep it") but we thought that would have been used to furnish his new place as he was kicked out by his ex-wife with only clothes. Almost 10 months later and just days before he was to move in, he causes a fight, delays paying the apt.deposit, tells me not to pay it with the other monies and wants to go back to the ex, which can only be a temp. arrangement due to park rules. He can't see or hear well and can't walk long distances, he rides a bicycle. So now he wants $6,000 (which was aquired because he live for free!) and his ex-wife and my daughter think we should give it back. I would have never agreed to him staying with us if this was going to be the end result. He needs to be in assisted care, we know, we cared for him. Until he is "offically homeless" will the social workers step in. He's wore out his welcome with 2 daughters and another son- they are all just done with him. We feel he "paid his own way" and left saying terrible and hateful words to us. True or False?
posted by Rock and a Hard Place (age 50) on 11/17/2009 @1:14:51 AM •
Well Rock, he's 87 years old...sorry to say he doesn't have much time left in this World, you and your family should just put up with his bad ways and keep telling him you love him, because now is the time when he knows everyone is going to use him until he dies, just to get what left of his funds. that's why he's so bitter to you.

Good luck to you
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/2/2009

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