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My husband and I were separated. During that time, my high school sweetheart and I hooked back up. Also, during that time, I found out I was pregnant. High school sweetheart wasn't such a sweetheart once I told him tho and denied the baby already. My husband and I ended up getting back together despite the pregnancy, my husband actually is willing to claim the baby as his. Sperratically, through the pregnancy, baby daddy pops up asking about the baby, says he is going to get a DNA test once she's born, and is almost demanding that I give her his last name. My husband has no clue what baby daddy is saying, I didn't see any need to fuel a fire in the chance that baby daddy disappears again. What do I do? Just wait, see what happens in 3 months (when I'm due)? &&if baby daddy wants to be involved, I have a feeling that will be the end of my marriage, I don't think my husband could handle that. (FYI: My husband and I have a 18mth old daughter together) I'm so stuck in between a rock and a hard place! Help!
posted by Stuck (age 25) on 11/17/2009 @1:46:06 AM •
Well Stuck, High School Sweetheart game is to mess up your marriage by all means nessary...get a restraining order on the high school sweet heart and go on with your life...and tell your husband what's going on, because if you don't the sweetheart will. Good luck to you
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/2/2009

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