relationship advice (post new situation)
i have a girlfriend who i love and have been with for half a year, but the spark between us seems to be dimming. i have met a girl at college who i fancy and she has told me back she fancys me and i cant stop thinking about her. however i do love my gf very much and do not know what to do, is this just a stage? i dont have much experience with long term relationships so need some help.
posted by jonny (age 18) on 11/20/2009 @9:13:55 AM •
Well Jonny, what's to already moved on with this other let your girlfriend go and be the player that you are, and do yourself a favor don't get into anymore relationships until you're ready to become a man. Good luck

if you have anymore questions email me at **** and put your name under subject so that way i won't delete it
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/1/2009

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