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So I know my boyfriends email password… which I don’t think he realizes! so I signed in. Let me start with last night I realized he was signed on AIM on his phone… I asked who he was talking to and he told me I need to really stop with my jealousy ****. So I let it go… so today I signed into his emails and I find pictures of a girl (none showing her face if you get my point) these were sent yesterday. (now to show you how damn good I am at putting **** together, I should be a muthafu**in Private investigator!) so I put her SN (cuz her email was an AOL email address)… and I see the picture next to her SN… im like damn that looks mad familiar… so I sign onto his Myspace (which he gave me the password to) and click on this girls profile who I think it might be… & sure as **** its this HER… So OF COURSE I’m FLIPPING THE **** OUT! My blood starts boiling I wanna call him and flip out so bad!

So now my dilemma is Do I tell him I know? Or do I wait to see if I find more stuff first? Because technically I did sign into his email without his permission, so I’m afraid he’s going to try and flip this on me cuz I was snooping. IDK what to do?
posted by ANNONYMOUS on 11/20/2009 @2:51:18 PM •
Well Annonymous, yeah you sound like you know your stuff when it comes to getting info on your man, but in the end was it really worth it? now you're at the cross road of playing stupidlike you don't know anything or kicking down the door and busting up the party...either way you lose...because your feelings are hurt and you got played no matter how the story ends. and it sounds like you're going to go for broke. good luck, just remember you're the victim in this love game and you decide how you want the story to end...just make sure you don't take it to the next level and becomes the victim.

if you have any more questions for me email me at **** put your name under subject so that way i won't delete it
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/1/2009

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